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We are ALL beautiful- male, female, young, old, fat, skinny...we are a unique genetic minority and should be celebrated, especially considering how the same people that bully us as children grow up to dye their hair to look like US.

REAL redheads- submissions welcome!!! Not that there's anything against dyed hair; there are just PLENTY of those sites...and regular folk are welcome. Enough with the skinny female models (though we have those too) or porn images- we show ALL ages here, so NO NUDITY! We crop any nudes.

We want to encourage POSITIVE redhead attitudes; we are PEOPLE, not just objects of lust. We are special and wonderful in EVERY form, from birth to old age. And younger redheads- trust DOES get better. The hate *will* stop.

If you happen to spot a fake redhead on the site, let us know; also, we do not own these images any more than the places we found them do. If you want credit- speak up! Got a question? Ask away? And again...if you are one of us- SUBMIT a pic!!!
Cecile Sinclair.

Cecile Sinclair.

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